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Abhyanga - Full body Massage

Abhyanga, an ayurvedic massage, is a full body oil treatment. A rejuvenating and nourishing gift for the physical body as well as the more subtle realms of consciousness. 

The massage uses therapeutic strokes which are designed to release tension, whilst simultaneously redirecting toxins and impurities back to the digestive system for elimination.

The benefits of this massage, especially on a regular basis include:

- increased circulation

- improved and deeper sleep

- helping to eliminate toxins from the body

- revitalises the nervous system

- increases moisture for softer skin



1 session (60 minutes) - 75 Euros

1 session (90 minutes) - 90 Euros

3 session package: 210 Euros (60 minutes) or 250 Euros (90 minutes)

Ko Bi Do - Face Massage

Take a moment for yourself with a relaxing facial massage.

Ko Bi Do rejuvenates the face and refreshes the skin. It greatly improves the appearance of skin even after 1 session. This type of massage works on a physical and energetic level. Ko bi do face massage targets wrinkles, pigment marks and firmness. You'll leave relaxed, with your skin looking more radiant and smooth.

It is recommended to do around 10 sessions with two to three week intervals for a natural lift and the best results.



1 session (45 minutes) - 50 Euros

1 session including sound healing (60 minutes) - 60 Euros

10 session pack (each session 45 minutes) - 450 Euros

10 session pack including sound healing - 500 Euros

2.5 hour Bliss package

Unwind with a 2.5 hour bliss package. Starting with a full body Abhyanga massage to nourish the entire body followed by a facial massage to rejuvenate and restore. This is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.


Package price 150 Euros

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