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Shanti dans les Cévennes - Private Classes and Bespoke Retreats

Yoga was originally taught one-on-one where a teacher would look at what a student needs and would teach to that. A private class creates a safe space for listening and can be used in order to better understand the basics or to deepen an existing practice. It is an honour to be able to share yoga in this way as we create a unique practice tailored to your needs in this path of exploration. 

There are also group private classes available. These classes can take place at Shanti dans les Cévennes or in the comfort of your own home. Contact to reserve a class or to find out more. 

Bespoke Retreats

Shanti dans les Cévennes is located in Avèze, 1 hour North of Montpellier, in the magical and idyllic setting of les Cévennes National Park. With busy schedules its hard to find time to take a moment of pause. Retreats in places like Les Cévennes provides tranquility away from the fast paced city life. If you would like to organise a private yoga retreat in the South of France contact and let's create a moment where you can reconnect and explore your inner self. 

The studio can host up to 10 people and there is nearby accommodation. 

Experience an individualised yoga class, or perhaps a day/multi-day retreat with friends including a walk in nature or a massage to completely relax.

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